Restaurant & Bar "Anchor Point"


On the ground floor you will find our in-house restaurant “Anchor Point". We are open 365 days and serves among breakfast delicious meals and selected wines. The sundowner deck is an insider tip in Swakopmund.


We are very often ask, why the restaurant is called "Anchor Point"! No, it has nothing to do with a ship anchor. It is because of the historic antenna anchor points in front of our restaurant. By the way: Beach Hotel Swakopmund take care of the last existing historic anchor points in Swakopmund. The renovation and maintanance is fully financed by Beach Hotel Swakopmund! At the end of this site we published the "story" of these anchor points!


Opening hours:


  •  Breakfast:  7:00 - 09:30
  •  Light Lunch:  12:00 - 14: 00
  •  Dinner:          18:00 - 21:30
  •  Room Servive: 18:00 - 21:30




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The "Anchor Point" Story:


The last remnants of a radio transmitter which could have been of great strategic importance to the Germans during the First World War.


These anchor points, beautifully designed and constructed, held the guy ropes for an 86 meter high radio aerial. With the transmitters in Lüderitzbucht and Windhoek, this transmitter formed a link in a radio network which included Berlin. Building commenced in 1911 and the transmitter was commissioned in January 1912.


When war broke out in 1914 and Union troops invaded South West Africa, the Germans feared that the transmitter would fall into enemy hands and used against them. The transmitter and mast were thus demolished. This did not stop the “Armadale Castle”, a British war ship, from shelling the area on the 14th September 1914, with little or no further damage being done. One of the shells went through a wooden house and in a chicken run :)



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We are looking forward to welcome you at our Restaurant Anchor Point!