Our Massage Service


You feel tired from a long way driving or you had a hard business day? Whatever the reason: You will enjoy our relaxing massages:


Relaxation Full Body Massage
A massage is thought of being a relaxing way to sooth a tired and tense body after the trials of the day.
60 minutes single: N$ 450 - couple: N$ 800
90 minutes single: N$ 600 - couple: N$ 1.100


Swedish Full Body Massage
If you want deeper work and can tolerate more pressure, this is the perfect massage for you.
60 minutes single: N$ 450 - couple: n/a


Back & Neck Massage
This massage is a treatment of only the back, neck and shoulder areas. A great substitute for a full body massage if you feel that your back and neck needs attention.
30 minutes single: N$ 350 - couple: N$ 600
45 minutes single: N$ 400 - couple: N$ 700


Indian Head Massage
Deep relaxation and very enjoyable, helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress, depression resulting in greater mental alertness and concentration and clearer thinking.
30 minutes single: N$ 300 - couple: n/a


Foot & Leg Massage
An incredible way to bring relief to your tired feet and legs, this foot treatment is excellent for relief of aches and pains.
30 minutes single: N$ 280 - couple: n/a


Tired Foot Massage
Great for tired feet, improving circulation and lymph movement in the feet and lower legs, and improving flexibility.
30 minutes single: N$ 250 - couple: n/a



We recomend a pre-reservation, to insure the availibility! You can easely prebook your massage with your online booking.

Guests from outside please call 064 417700 for arrangements.